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Why Danceformation


This teaching system was inspired by Carlton’s award-winning autobiography Front & Center – How I Learned To Live There and his comprehensive Life Coaching curriculum I AM Empowered – Igniting Freedom, Courage & Healing!. The progressive and accelerated learning processes of Danceformation will shatter your old mind-sets, and help you gain the clarity, confidence, power and resilience to redesign your reality, face issues of Weight Loss, Unforgiveness, Low Self-Esteem, Stress, High Blood Pressure, Addiction or Domestic Violence, just to name a few. And strengthen your spirit, allowing you to live with new Successes, Prosperity and INNER PEACE.


If you are serious about unleashing and proving the vastness of your potential, and are ready to use an innovative strategy to take your self-awareness and self-expression to the next level, then DANCEFORMATION - Carlton Wilborn’s movement-based, mind, body and spirit, personal transformation program is for you.


**For the Non-Dancer and the Avid Mover**

Danceformation works because the issue is in the tissue.

The body will hold on to every single experience until we are ready to let it go.

Considering those facts Carlton strategically aligned 3 Key Movement Phases with the Tactical Exercises from his curriculum; 8 Principles, which includes a series of Q&A, Accountability and Expansion exercises, Quotes from Spiritual Masters, Poetry, Affirmations, Meditations and Journaling processes

to help you access the subtler compartments of your soul and cultivate your ability to apply his game-changer methodologies.

An overview of the movement phases is below.

Move it OUT

This is phase ONE of your journey, where you literally get to begin the unhinging process of all that’s been clogged, locked and obstructing you from Being and Living fully actualized.


Here I’m going to guide you to localize that part of your Story, that’s been keeping you out of balance or relationship with the area of your world that matters to you most.


Whether it’s about your love life, family, finances, your passion and/or your confidence, you name it…here you’ll get the opportunity to shine a light on it, call the dream killer for what it is, and be on your way to the success your tender and beautiful heart desires.

Move it IN

While your first phase was all about clearing out the clutter in your mind and on your soul, here is where you get to actually cause and awaken the life you really want to live. This is your Vital Vision time.


As you rise up to your own Vital Vision, and begin to take action on it, you will have put together another piece to the puzzle of your personal empowerment plan.


All you’re currently in the process of doing is, exactly, what you as a co-creator with GOD have been designed to do; assist in the maturation activity, so that your materialized intention is formed in a way that will be pleasing to you.


Now let the Move it IN goodness begin…

Move it UP

This final phase is all about taking what currently works in your life, and making it bigger, spreading it broader and flying it higher.


Now is your time to accept that divine guidance and support are available for you; prove and lock in how expansively You can BE.


It's about generating a full throttle, excellence-to-the-effort reality for every aspect of your living; your relationships, your home life, your work, the healings you require and your finances.


As Theodore Roosevelt said “No man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry. Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

For an initial consultation or to book your Danceformation session

please call 1-888-750-5322 or email us at:

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